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Puppetry Arts

  • 1-hour Master Class includes hands-on exploration of a variety of puppetry styles.
  • Make original string puppets such as recycled cereal box "fliers" with flapping wings, or...
  • Wooden walkers with striding legs, or 
  • Dragons, angels, butterflies, songbirds and other animals
  • Learn basic string manipulation

1 Hour Workshop $150

Junior Geppetto Class I & II

  • Multi-day Residency allows for a marionette Make-and-Take.
  • All decorative materials included... feathers, stickers, wiggly eyes and other items.
  • Student chooses puppet kit
  • Assemble pre-cut wooden marionette
  • Paint to customize (non-toxic water base)
  • String onto controller
  • Design, rehearse and perform an original narrative using newly created characters

Workshop $85 per hour (3  - 10 hours)

Geppetto Advanced Marionette Making

  • Multi-day Class
  • Explore use of paper mache and other materials to create one-of-a-kind creations
  • Student designs and builds working marionette
  • Paint, sculpting and some light tool usage
  • Create Animals, Monsters, People, Selfies and More
  • String to Controller
  • Perform an original narrative using newly created characters

Workshop $100 per hour (5  - 10 hours)

Master Class Length Grade Level Material Fee Class Fee
Puppetry Arts  1 hour Pre K + Included $150.00
Residency Length Grade Level Material Fee Class Fee
Junior Geppetto 3 - 5 hours Pre K - 3rd $3.00 child $85.00 hr*
Junior Geppetto II 5 - 10 hours 3rd  - Adult $10.00 child $85.00 hr*

Geppetto Advanced

5 - 10 hours  3rd  - Adult varies per kit** $100.00 hr*

 *Residency classes are for multiple hours/multiple days.  A typical curriculum may be (1) hour daily x five days, followed by a puppet performance by students on the fifth day. **Marionette kits vary in price from $15.00 - $20.00 and allow student to assemble, finish, and string a fully functioning marionette.