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Peppermint Park STAFF Forms and Scheduler



<<<Contract Labor Form 

  • A form is required for each weekly period worked.  
  • Submission deadline is WEDNESDAY at 12:00 PM CST.
  • All forms are processed on WEDNESDAYS for the previous weeks submissions.  
  • All payments are made as electronic bank checks.  
  • Payment Expectation:  Payees should allow 5 - 10 days after the WEDNESDAY following the submission.  Checks are processed by CHASE BILL PAYMENT PROCESSING.

Rates of Pay for Contracted Assistance

General Assistance $8.00 Hourly

Specailized Assistance  $9 - $10 Hourly

Performers  $10 - $12 Hourly

We want you to have fun but we have established these guidelines so everyone knows what is to be expected of all of our workersat Peppermint Park.

Guidelines for Park Contractors / Volunteers

  • Please be on time for the shift scheduled.
  • Please remain at your assigned station until relieved.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing for an outside event in cold weather.  You should plan appropriately.  This is an outside event.
  • Please 'stand' while at your assigned station. (Please do not sit, lean, wander off or leave your station unattended)
  • Please be engaging and playful with the guests. Smile. Be 'in the moment'. Be friendly.  Greet the guests. Engage the guests and make eye contact.  Be responsive.
  • Please no phone usage including texting, surfing, updates or other. Please DO NOT use your phone while on shift or in public view.
  • Please limit your personal breaks to (1) 10 minute break per 2 hours and make sure your station has been covered.
  • Please note that we will assign your station per our needs and needs of the guests.  We do not guarantee a particular activity you will be assigned.
  • Do not enter the Smores and More shack unless asked to do so.  This is a food handling area.
  • We will provide water, yogurt snacks and 1 hot cocoa per shift to our volunteers or staff workers.  Please plan to eat a full meal before or after the shift you are assigned.



Download W-9

Form can be completed and sent to boxoffice@letheatredemarionette.com